Why do you need travel insurance?

Why do you need travel insurance?

It does not matter if your trip is long or takes a few days, the risk of being in a situation where you need help is the same. This article will focus on medical and some other types of insurance for citizens traveling abroad.

If your trip is issued through a travel agency - then the tour package necessarily includes the receipt of a medical policy for the duration of stay abroad. (On the other types of insurance you should check with the tour operator). However, a traveler who travels alone and who prepares for a business trip should register it individually.

Medical insurance is a guarantee on time provided in case of need of qualified medical care at the expense of the insurer. Sometimes medical services abroad are huge expenses, which not every tourist can cover. Wherever you go, medical insurance will protect you and your children from unforeseen circumstances!

Luggage insurance will ensure payment of compensation for loss or damage to property. Cases of transportation of jewelry, antiques and large amounts of money in an insurance case are not included.

The cancellation insurance consists of two weeks before the established date of departure / departure and involves the payment of tickets and the reservation of the trip that has not been completed for any reason for its cancellation, except for the refusal to obtain a visa.

The insurrection insurance will protect the rights of the tourist and compensate the expenses for any force majeure circumstance, as a result of which the journey did not take place.
To understand and arrange each of the types of insurance, you can contact the office of the insurance company or on the official website of the company.

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