What are we traveling for? What does this give?

What are we traveling for? What does this give?

"The world is a book, and whoever did not travel on it - read only one page in it."

The journey of Vanya and Sasha to the island of gods and demons of Bali. Travel abroad

In the age of high technologies, mass media and media, we got an amazing opportunity to "visit" almost anywhere in the world without getting up off the couch. They learned who and how they live "on the far shores."
Nevertheless, the interest in independent knowledge of the world through travel does not seem to be abating, but growing every year. It seems we have seen almost everything: how to hitchhike or bypass the globe on their two, conquer mountain peaks and descend to the deepest depressions. They travel by sea, by land and by air.
Just think about how many ways of wandering around the world were invented by a person: caravanning, mototourism, biking, water, sailing, horse, ski, pedestrian, transport, kayaking, rafting ... and even space tourism!

 Honeymoon in Miami. Photoshoot on the beach
The choice of the best. The person is driven by the desire to explore the world around him. Initially, it was necessary for its survival - we migrated in search of a better habitat - but modern people are striving for better. This is inherent in our nature. How can we know where we are better off if we do not go there and find out for ourselves?
Impression. Of course, not all tourists-travelers pursue such a goal, but all of them are in a kind of search for impressions, emotions, cultural and personal experiences that will ultimately lead to personal experience that determines the essence of our life.
An important experience. This experience, which includes everything that we aspire to acquire in everyday life: broaden our horizons, be interesting to people, see ways to get out of various situations, be contactable and easily contact others, easily overcome language barriers - the way of knowing ourselves.

 Honeymoon trip to Thailand. Photographer in Phuket and Samui
Knowledge. When we find ourselves in a non-standard situation, we learn faster. Much faster. And all because, the journey, even the most comfortable, is not a modeled plot from a book or film, where there is time to reflect on what happened and give your assessment - you are a direct participant in what is happening.
Pleasure. It's hard to say what an individual person is traveling for. Sometimes he himself does not immediately guess about it. Some walk around the world, enjoy the cuisine of every nation (the so-called gastronomic tourism), others - follow the end of the world for fashion trends, the third (including our photographers) - are trying to capture both of them in the lens of the photo and video camera.

Photosession of Adam and Eve in Los Angeles, a guy with a girl naked in the jungle, on a beautiful waterfall. Nude photographer Love Story.
Inspiration. Last but not least, we travel for and for the beauty of this world, which inspires so many people for new accomplishments!
Yes, we are no longer discovering new lands, like Christopher Columbus and other great travelers - the discoverers. But we are also full of enthusiasm to find something new for ourselves in those already discovered by someone else. And just relax, in the end.


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