Photosession of the newborn:

Photosession of the newborn: "for" and "against"

The first days of life crumbs are incredibly fleeting and I want to capture every change that occurs in the baby. When it comes to a photoshoot of a newborn, parents face a number of difficult questions and doubts, fears: when and how best to conduct such an event, will it not harm the baby, how to prepare?

 Photoshoot of a newborn baby at home

Let's try to sort things out in order.

When? The newborn period lasts only 3-4 weeks, the first photoshoot of the crumbs is usually carried out in the first month of the child's life. This is convenient for the baby, and for parents and the photographer, it's not a secret that newborns in the first months of life almost all the time sleep, which means that the process will be the fastest and most comfortable for all participants. In addition, the child is not bothered either by the cutting teeth, or by other processes of his vital activity. The best period for photographing is the period of the first two weeks of life. Babies at this time are still very plastic, their motor activity is very low and therefore they easily fit into different poses. And the photos are amazing.

How? A professional photographer is interested in creating the necessary atmosphere for a child: by consulting with parents and specifying the individual characteristics of your baby, the photographer will take care of the right temperature, humidity, purity of attributes, hypoallergenic materials used. It is important here, in addition to your wishes to take into account the individual characteristics of the child and be sure to notify the photographer if the baby is allergic to any materials.

Where? There is such a "procedure" either at home or in the studio. The main thing is a favorable environment. Here the parent has the right to choose: to call the photographer at home or to take him to the studio? The main plus of choice in favor of the studio is already prepared space for shooting, a variety of props you can choose, a good light. On the other hand, at home you from the very arrival from the hospital have prepared everything for the comfort of crumbs and its safety, and a good photographer will provide a choice of props on the site and give advice on the organization of the process.

Children's photo session in the studio

Against the photosession of the newborn, there are such facts as if the child and parents are not morally and physically ready for it (the child is not healthy or prone to disease, there is an individual intolerance to the materials, a very sensitive dream), the studio is away from home, is in an unfavorable place (sometimes Studios are located in the premises of old factories, warehouses, etc.) and is not prepared for a photo session of a newborn.

Sometimes the reason for refusing professional photography is the argument that it is better not to show photos of a newborn to anyone. You can sign an agreement, according to which, snapshots of your crumbs will not be used in the future work of the photographer.

Ideas for a photo shoot of a newborn baby

For - an excellent opportunity to save in the album photos with a newborn baby, mobility (when shooting at home), minimal discomfort for the baby and parents.

A little advice: to choose a photographer is better when you are still "in position", shortly before the birth, because with the birth of a baby you will plunge into the care of it, and the time for searching may not be at all. The pre-planned event will leave a good impression of the process itself and exclude a number of problems associated with determining the date of the photo session and the employment of the photographer.

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