Original proposal of the hand and heart

Original proposal of the hand and heart

Relationships of any pair are built in stages: here are the minutes of your first meeting, your first kiss, meeting your parents ... and, finally, the moment when you decide to make an offer to your partner. And then a rare man (or maybe a woman) will not clutch at the head: how to make this day special, the moment of the offer of the hand and heart - emotional, intriguing, unforgettable?

The original proposal of the hand and heart of the girl on the waterfall. Natural elements, the jungle. Lavstory, photo session on the waterfall

Emotional, because everything experienced on this day will not be repeated twice.

Intriguing, because the female intuition is able to anticipate your plans and here the main thing is caution. Do not let her suspect that this trip to the restaurant, this trip for two ... promises a new stage in your life. Or, on the contrary, make you wonder about your intentions, suffer from curiosity and at the moment when it least of all (or most) it expects - take a decisive step.

It is unforgettable, because it's not a secret for anyone that our memories of the key moments of life, no matter how much we want to, eventually fade, superimposed on each other, and the details-and at all elude, disappear without leaving a trace. Do you remember, in 10 years of what color the dress was on your bride in, of course, an exciting moment when she will say the cherished "yes"? And in 20 years? And how glistened her eyes, looking at how you stand on one knee or how, quite by the way, a curl of hair from a neatly laid hairdress got out?

 Suggestions for hands and heart on a deserted beach, photosession on the island of Bali

Of course, it's impossible to catch everything, but something that neither she nor you, overwhelmed by emotion, will notice all the same will not escape the camera lens of the photographer.
"It does not matter at all!" You will say. Not for your lover! Give her the opportunity to return again and again this day, notice missed details, share with friends and loved ones, or carefully store it only for both of you.

It is important to know that there is no single recipe how to make an offer. Here the best assistant will be your own intuition, knowledge of your partner, awareness of the idea of this event with your loved one, the existence of common "places" that are part of your history.

 Proposal to get married on a waterfall. Original declaration of love

Nevertheless, we can single out a number of proposals, such as:

Public. From scrolling your sentence to the movie before starting the session to serenades under the window to the accompaniment of a symphony orchestra. The main thing is to make sure that your favorite home ...

Intimate. If being in public places by itself delivers discomfort to your half - do not shock it to an unknown audience. Find a quiet place where other people's eyes will not witness the mystery that is happening between you.

"Knights". If your lady of the heart often revises even those moments where Shrek saves Fion from an impregnable tower, and all this is not without tears, and her children's notebooks and work diaries are painted by fairy princes on white horses - this is your chance to excel. Do not forget also about your retinue - let friends from your side and girlfriends (maid of honor) with her also participate in, perhaps, the most important representation of your life.

Home. You can make a proposal at home. For example, prepare a romantic dinner for two with candles, cover the house with rose petals, invite to a dance for a romantic song and stand on one knee under its final chords. Or, paying tribute to traditions, ask the girl's hands for her parents at the time of unity of the whole family for some general celebration.
Well, the choice is yours! And do not forget to know in advance the size of the beloved's ring and her preferences in choosing jewelry.

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