What is important to consider when choosing a photographer

What is important to consider when choosing a photographer

No matter what event you want to capture, when choosing a photographer you need to be guided by several mandatory criteria.

Photosession of Denis and Olya. Photographer in California

Portfolio. You can always evaluate the work of the photographer by looking at his work. This is a kind of face master. Any self-respecting professional will provide you with this opportunity. And already at the first stage of the selection you will be able to assess the "photo potential" of the photographer: the style of his work, what focuses on which genre or genre of shooting he prefers. The most important thing is that you can immediately determine whether you like it or not for you photos of this photo master. If you like the work, put a plus in favor of this photographer and move on to the next parameter.

The guy and the girl are standing on a volcano among the mountains. The seagull flies over the ear. A girl's tattoo on her neck.

Site. Professional photographer will not be limited to advertising on certain free photohostings, common sites for photographers and social networks. Well, if he got his own site, where he collected all the information about his activities, presented photo galleries with completed orders, there are reviews from customers. The very fact of having a website speaks about the serious attitude of the photographer to his business and to the client. In social networks it's easier to see the activity of the photographer in real time: estimate the number of photos for the general review, the number of views and "likes." Put a plus on our photographer and go down below.

Blog. It's also good if the photographer is open to his client, accompanies the photos with his own comments on the work done, or leads a small blog where he shares his thoughts about the essence of photo art, gives advice and answers the client's questions and simply provides an opportunity to get to know himself. Find out how many photos the master hands out. So, we met in absentia with our photographer, with him we will be comfortable to spend a whole day shooting, see what other information can be obtained on his site.

Quality and high cost of equipment. It is desirable that the master more detailed about what equipment is suitable for a particular survey, which he uses, what are its advantages and disadvantages.
The availability of expensive equipment at the disposal of the author of the photographs also indicates his attitude towards work. We can assume that a person is ready to invest in the result and develop. In addition, high-quality photographic equipment makes it possible to carry out the most complicated in technical terms. If our photographer is here at the height, let's go further.

An experience. The experience of the photographer is also the result of his work. In view of his experience, the photo master will avoid common mistakes and help prevent their clients. In addition to owning photographic equipment, the pro can work with image processing programs to achieve maximum effect.

Reviews. The guru of his work is not afraid of criticism. The availability of reviews on the site also speaks in his favor. Here you can communicate with customers, models and draw your conclusions. The main thing to remember is that feedback is always subjective, and what does not suit one is like the other.

Stylish photoshoot. The guy and the girl are standing on a cliff with a motorcycle. Girl in jeans shorts and a vest.

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