Wedding organizers abroad. How not to fall for the bait of scammers

Wedding organizers abroad. How not to fall for the bait of scammers

Wedding ceremony abroad is an event that will leave behind wonderful memories, bright photos, unusual impressions. To make it really so, the newlyweds need to choose a suitable wedding agency, a branch of which can be located in their home country. The choice of agency involves some risk.

Today, in the Russian and foreign tourism markets, a wedding ceremony is offered by different companies: from large operators to small agencies. At the same time, there are a large number of illegal wedding organizers. They do not have a license and work unofficially. Of course, such organizations are not left without attention of local authorities. Immigration services can come at any time, and they often monitor beaches and places for weddings.
When choosing a wedding firm should be guided by the following principles:

  • Check the availability of a license, find out how long the company operates in the market, make a general impression when communicating with its representatives.
  • Specify whether the agency has a personal website of the contact office. Any self-respecting agency in the service industry will ensure its image at least with its own website. The site is the face of the company. There you can get acquainted with the types of services offered, prices, see albums with photos of past ceremonies and read customer reviews.

Still, having a website and a physical address does not guarantee a high-quality service. Unscrupulous agencies can borrow information and portfolio from other market representatives. The Internet is good in that it can find information about almost everything: if the company itself does not provide customer feedback on their work - look for them on the forums and in discussions of other sites. If you do not find anything about the company, it's also an alarm.

If at a certain stage of the wedding organization you are not allowed to personally meet with the photographer of the company, stylist, make-up artist and discuss with them the details - most likely the company saves on the quality of their services, or the team is unprofessional and does not inspire confidence.

Do not forget that the wedding ceremony abroad is booked, mainly for the sake of colorful photos. Photos - this is what will remain in memory of an important event in the family. A beautiful photo is made up of the work of different specialists of the wedding agency, so you should clearly know at what level the company works, what quality of services it provides.

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