Wedding in the style of bokho

Wedding in the style of bokho

The choice of newlyweds is increasingly falling on the organization of the wedding in an unconventional way. Among the variety of styles, weddings in the style of Boho are gaining popularity. Bohho or bohemian chic combines the interweaving styles of different eras and cultures: gipsy, hippies, folk, country and other motifs.
Interior decoration, choice of wedding dresses and other charms of bohemian chic require a subtle sense of the choice of materials, the selection of details, their combination and placement of accents.

The main task of the bohemian style is to combine in one image incongruous, at first glance, elements: bright accessories and calm colors in clothing, mix cells, rainbow colors and ethnic motifs.

For the Bohho style, the features of easy carelessness and simplicity are characteristic. Celebration is best spent outdoors in a picturesque place with an abundance of greenery, flowers and other natural materials.

The space is filled with bright motley objects: colored napkins, candles, lanterns, hanging garlands, pillows, rugs and rugs with ethnic patterns. In short, everything that creates an atmosphere of home comfort and ease.

The bride's outfit reflects the sides of her character. This predominantly light dress is free cut, length in the floor, with an abundance of lace and mesh, but made of expensive fabrics. Shoes - from boots with a high bootleg to sandals and sandals or altogether neglect of this kind of clothing. Hairstyle is uncomplicated, more often - loose curls or light braids. The head is decorated with a wreath, ribbon or lace, for more daring feathers.

The suit of the groom is no exception. Traditional elements of the official costume are replaced by playful accessories and headdresses: hats, butterflies, buttons. Dark colors - informal shades.

Floristics "Bohho chic" is no less eccentric than the entire design of the holiday. The bouquet of the bride is all asymmetric, collected from different exotic flowers and plants. Flower compositions on the tables can be framed in unusual vases, glass bottles or flower pots.

Summarizing, we can say that the wedding in the style of "Boho" is primarily aimed at creating an unusual chamber environment and will easily become a platform for the creativity of the photographer. Pictures from such a celebration will take pride of place in the family photo archive.

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