Wedding abroad. Top fashionable resorts

Wedding abroad. Top fashionable resorts

Traditional wedding and a feast will surprise no one. The theme of the wedding ceremony abroad is becoming more relevant in recent times and is not groundless. The choice in favor of an unconventional celebration has a number of advantages: the ceremony smoothly flows into a honeymoon, and with a competent allocation of funds, such a wedding will cost no more and even a little cheaper than usual. The main question that the newlyweds ask themselves: where to go and how to plan a wedding is a journey.

Conditionally we will divide popular places of carrying out of marriage ceremonies on "exotic" and weddings "city" type.

Exotic weddings. If you see yourself in a wedding dress, barefoot, sliding on white sand against the background of the noise of sea waves and palm trees - paradise Bali, Thailand, Hawaii, Dominican Republic and the Seychelles are just what you need. Colorful - New Zealand and colonial Mexico, too, will not leave you indifferent.

These countries are ideal for couples whose marriage should become a mystery for a narrow circle of friends and relatives or even go away in seclusion. At the same time, wedding agencies in exotic countries often offer young people to wear traditional clothes and go through a series of colorful local rituals before taking oaths of fidelity from the flower altar to the sounds of national instruments.

City ceremonies. Among the megacities of the top cities for the wedding ceremony are dizzying Las Vegas, stylish New York and romantic Paris.

The practice of marriage registration in Las Vegas is one of the fastest and easiest in the world, so young people from around the world are striving to sign in the city of casinos and entertainment. It does not matter whether the groom will have beach shorts or an expensive suit. You can hold both the ceremony and the honeymoon as you like, regardless of the formalities.

Wedding in New York is rather an official event, although it can develop into an adventurous adventure "for two." It was the wedding "for two" (Elopement Marriage) became the visiting card of the United States. The ceremony includes marriage registration services, accommodation (weekend) and a gala dinner. On average, the package price starts at $ 800.

"Eternally in Love" Paris with its architectural heritage will make your wedding a truly fabulous event, and photos - magical and unforgettable. Packages offered by tour operators and agencies include a full range of options from a make-up artist to a photographer and will cost an average of 600 euros.

Wedding in hot countries is relatively cheaper to the newlyweds in comparison with city weddings. The influx of tourists to these countries is almost year-round, and the wedding industry is put on stream. In addition, the climate and weather are amenable to a clear prediction, which reduces the risk of choosing an unsuitable day for the ceremony.

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