Typical mistakes in choosing a wedding dress

Typical mistakes in choosing a wedding dress

Choosing a wedding dress can be a headache for the bride. To prevent this from happening, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the most popular mistakes that women make when buying a dress.

Mistake No. 1. Too early! Do not buy a dress long before the date of the ceremony. The bride's attire is selected when the main details of the wedding are already known: the venue is chosen, the style of decoration is chosen, and so on.

Mistake No. 2. It's too late! The other extreme with regard to the time of buying a dress is to leave this event at the last moment. Tightening with a purchase, you risk choosing from what remains. Order dresses are usually made a few months before the celebration. Removing the measurements, choosing fabrics, making changes, the work of the master - all this takes time.

Mistake No. 3. The style. No matter how effective the dress does not look on a glossy picture, if it does not suit you, then this is not your choice. The bride's dress should harmoniously combine with the wedding theme and reflect its character. Correctly selected, it will emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings of the figure. Therefore, we recommend to abandon stereotypes and to be accurate with the current fashion trends, taking into account the individual characteristics of the girl.

Mistake No. 4. Color and size. Brownies, blondes, brunettes, red - which type you would not belong to, if the tone of the dress differs from traditional white and softly beige flowers - there is a risk not to guess with color. If the outfit is not the size, most likely, the whole ceremony and banquet part of the celebration you will feel insecure, and there will be plenty of reasons for the excitement on this day.

In addition, a dress purchased in advance requires periodic fitting. During the preparation for the wedding, the bride feels so much emotion and excitement. That this can affect its external appearance: both in plus and minus. A week before the celebration, make a test fitting, to avoid unforeseen situations on the day of the wedding.

Mistake No. 5. Choose a dress yourself. Councils of grandmothers, moms and girlfriends, of course, can be very valuable, but practice shows that more often they only knock down the bride. Try on the next dress, be guided, first of all, by your own flair and advice of professionals of the wedding salon. Buy a dress that you do not like - it's worse than buying something that suits you less, according to Aunt Zina's father's line, but in which you feel confident.

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