The most expensive and famous hotels in Dubai

The most expensive and famous hotels in Dubai

The second largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Dubai, famous for its dizzying skyscrapers, stunning projects, luxury cars on the roads and luxury hotels. It is about the latter we will describe in more detail.

Hotel "Parus". The most expensive for today is the seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab, the same hotel "Parus". The building is considered to be the visiting card of the city, and its height is 321 meters, and at the moment it is the second tallest hotel type structure. The building is built on an artificial island, which makes it an architectural landmark of Dubai. In total, the hotel has 202 luxury rooms located on 28 floors.

Burj Al Arab is called a royal hotel, so do not be surprised that staying in it will result in a sum of $ 1000 per day. The most expensive hotel apartments - a hotel room, an area of 728 square meters - for $ 28,000 per night.

Atlantis The Palm. The beach type hotel is located on one of the Palm islands. There is a multi-room suite with a separate elevator costing $ 50,000. At the opening ceremony of the hotel, fireworks worth $ 20 million were launched. This was the most expensive pyrotechnic show in history.

Armani Hotel. One of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai is connected with the name of Giorgio Armani and belongs to him. The hotel occupies 8 floors in the Burj Khalifa skyscraper - the tallest building in the world.

Hotel Raffles Dubai. This 5-star hotel has 248 rooms. The hotel was built in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid, on top of which are located the most luxurious clubs of the city.

Hotel Al Maha. "Sandy 5 tee-star castle" stands in the unspoilt megacity of the desert of Dubai. The hotel offers 40 rooms, one of which is the Presidential Suite at a cost of $ 2,250 per night. From exotic entertainment: camel trekking, horseback riding, archery.

The Address Downtown Burj Dubai. The five-star hotel is a tower on 63 floors overlooking the old city and the center of Dubai, costing from $ 200 per night.
Beit Al Bahar Villas. The hotel complex of five-star beach category is located on the coastline of the Persian Gulf. The network has 23 hotels located in different countries, 11 of which are in AOE ..

Auris Hotels. All hotels of this hotel are located on the territory of Dubai, but only one of them is rated at five stars. The five-star Auris Plaza Hotel Al Barsha is considered a city hotel.

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