Preparing for a photo shoot. Select an image

Preparing for a photo shoot. Select an image

When the idea for a photo session has ripened, the subjects of shooting are chosen, it's time to think over your image. The fact that you will be worn, how the hairstyle is laid and make-up is done - all this should harmoniously fit into the image, which does not contradict the idea of shooting.

It is desirable to think about the theme and idea of the photo session at the stage of development, and discuss its important details with the photographer. The image is constructed on the basis of the model itself, its wishes or selected under the scenery.

If a set of clothes is collected by you individually, you should follow several rules:

First, select a few of the best outfits in your wardrobe. If any outfit you really like, but you feel insecure in it - it will affect the photos. Well, if you prepare several images in the right topic at the same time, or coordinate differently from each other, if it is supposed to be shot.

Family or any collective photo session is distinguished by the unity of the style of clothing of all its participants or the unifying color scheme. Images of Love-story shooting should combine common elements in clothing and accessories.

The color of clothes should be combined with eyes, hair and make-up. Colors in clothes can be combined with the help of the table of color compatibility.
Bright and large details on clothes accentuate all attention, so do not stop at them your choice. Accessories should only emphasize the image, without violating its integrity.
In harmony, shoes are combined with clothes or accessories. Shoes with heels - slim any model, but the heel should be selected based on the location of the shooting and scenery.

Correctly selected image will allow the photographer and the model to unfold from new sides, and the picture will make it complete.

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