How to prepare for an individual photo shoot in the tropics?

How to prepare for an individual photo shoot in the tropics?

Every girl wants to feel like a real model. When ordering a shot in the tropics, you can be sure that the image will be bright and unique. To the photo session left only bright positive emotions, you need to prepare for it.

1 Define the image
The image should be thought out in advance, and in accordance with it, pick out the outfits and the place of shooting. There are a lot of options. It can be an easy walk along the beach, a sexual photo session in the pool, a trip to rice fields, a waterfall, a temple, etc. Clothing is desirable bright and light. As a rule, 2-3 shots are replaced for shooting.

2 Accessories
Complement the individuality in the image of stylish accessories. Use glasses, bracelets, pareos, beautiful earrings, cloths or even a surfboard. Only with taste and place.
3 No experiments with appearance
Do not squeeze pimples or acne on the day before the shot. Do not pluck your eyebrows, tk. This all can swell or become covered with red spots before shooting. Make-up and hairstyle are important details of your image. Trust the make-up artist and be sure of the amazing result.

4 Sunscreen
The tropical sun is very dangerous. Constantly smear the skin with cream with protection 50 SPF and do not abuse with sunburn.

5 Get enough sleep
That there were no circles and bags under the eyes go to bed on time and sleep before shooting.

6 Bring along with you

- a bottle of water (it helps better transfer the heat)

- paper napkins (you will need to "maintain" make-up - in a hot climate the person also sweats)

- a good mood (be natural, and remember that photography loves life).

Do not be shy and do not be embarrassed by the photographer - this is an ordinary person. We care about our customers, so always before the photo session there is a meeting, where once again all the nuances and your wishes with the photographer are discussed.

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