How to find cheap plane tickets?

How to find cheap plane tickets?

Today, everyone wants to travel budget and do not overpay for airlines for airplane tickets. Any of us probably have a friend or acquaintance who always finds cheap air tickets, and even the most exotic destinations. It seems that tickets to countries such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bali, Dominican Republic, Mexico, the United States will always be expensive. In fact, everyone can find a budget option for any direction., with pleasure, will share with you the secrets of the search!

Fly through tour operators - not always beneficial. The prices for air tickets are not budgetary at all. In addition, and flights are often with transfers and expectations. And you can find such tickets yourself.

The Russian search site for "Aviasales" air tickets is known to many, but here about the search server "Skyscanner" is less information. But we recommend to search using two sites. Not once the prices for tickets of the same directions were significantly different. Another trick - do not allow the site to receive information about your location.

Try not to buy tickets at once, but rather wait and monitor. Perhaps one day the price for your referral will be reduced. This often happens, the cost falls almost twice, on certain days.

Via "Aviasales" and "Skyscanner" you can find out which airlines fly in your direction. Next, it is better to go to the airline's official website and see the price there. Do not get lost if the airline's website is in English. As a rule, the forms of filling are the same everywhere and it's not difficult to understand. On such destinations as Vietnam, Bali or Thailand there are local airlines "low-costers", the price on their official website is much lower than on Russian search engines.

Have a nice and budget flight! And if you decide to relax at exotic resorts, then our photographer, with pleasure, will organize an unforgettable photo session for you.

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