How to choose a bouquet of the bride?

How to choose a bouquet of the bride?

Selection of a wedding bouquet is an important occupation, especially for the bride. All details are desirable to think in advance.
A bouquet can be not just beautiful, it can perfectly emphasize the figure, combine with the bride's attire, as well as with her growth.

For example, miniature girls are approached by a round bouquet of balloons on a portquette maker, while tall, flowing bouquets like a waterfall, a drop, or a muff are suitable, since they will more accurately emphasize the figure. It is preferable for a small girl to choose a large bouquet with flexible hanging flowers.
Florists note that brunettes opt for orange and bright red flowers, and blondes try to attract a gentle, light color, but sometimes they also want to play with saturated colors. And brown-haired women often try on themselves quiet shades, for example, the color of a tea rose, warm pink and cream.

How to choose a bouquet of a bride

To help you come florists - we offer a wide range of both ready-made compositions and bouquets, collected depending on your preferences. The bouquet of the bride will become not only a stylish addition to the wedding party, but also bring happiness to the married couple.

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