Floristics. Flowers as an important decor element for your photoshoot

Floristics. Flowers as an important decor element for your photoshoot

Floristry as a kind of decorative and applied art is designed to create floral and other compositions from natural materials. Since ancient times, flowers have been a source of inspiration for artists, poets, musicians, and nowadays - for photographers of different styles and directions. Flowers have been and remain the favorite motif of creativity of designers of clothes and interior.

Why does the world of flora so affect the world of art, the world of fashion, the world of photography?

Undoubtedly, flowers bring a person aesthetic pleasure. Photography, for example, is also designed to satisfy the need for contemplation, but it is static, and sometimes looks unnatural, lifeless. "Revive" the frame will help elements of wildlife: flowers, leaves, branches, etc.

The shape of the bud, the color, the texture of the sheet and their combination in the composition - all this can also contain an author's design, a secret or explicit meaning. In other words, flowers can act as signs. The language of flowers can convey to a person certain information, convey their feelings and give emotions. Remember that an arch of white flowers is usually associated with a wedding ceremony, a red rose in many peoples acts as a symbol of love and passion, and a yellow flower symbolizes parting.

The advantage of the interior, decorated with flowers is that it fills the room with wonderful aromas, and the image of the person in the picture, perfected with a pair of colors, is able to evoke associations with the smell in our memory, which leads not only to the visual perception of the photo, but also activates the sense of smell. This technique is often used by photographers to achieve various effects, playing with the perception of the viewer.

Of course, and in the world of colors there are their favorites, fashion trends, current trends. Therefore, photographers Tropic photo seriously approach the design of the decor for photo sessions. Every event, like every photo that captures it, is unique. We will try to make both that and other bright, colorful, unforgettable or quiet, warm, gentle moment of your life.

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