Features of travel with children. Tips from Tropic photo

Features of travel with children. Tips from Tropic photo

It seems that with the birth of children, life changes so much that there is no question of long trips with the baby. However, if you follow the minimum advice, do not build grandiose plans for vacation, be prepared for the ever-changing conditions - rest will be fun for both children and parents. The main thing that parents-travelers face is overestimated expectations and, as a result, disappointment. It should be understood that rest with children is more difficult to organize and requires more emotional feedback from all family members. Here are some common problem issues to be considered in advance.

Question 1 - Acclimatization. Acclimatization in all people occurs in different ways. Surely, you have already watched your child in the conditions of changing weather and changing places, and some of the features of the behavior of the child's body already know. But if you sharply change the environment of stay and fly, say, from "winter" to "summer" or vice versa for a short time, you should also be afraid of so-called re-acclimatization.

- After returning from hot countries in a cold winter, minimize for the first time walks on the street. This will help to avoid hypothermia and stress associated with a sharply reduced amount of heat and vitamin D.

- In the first days of your stay on vacation, take care that the child spends a sufficient amount of time in the shade, and did not get a sunstroke. Sun-protection cream for children and hats are mandatory for the whole rest period.

- Children can feel painful to change the traditional cuisine to a local one. An upset stomach in this case does not require treatment. If your child has special or breastfeeding - take care of it in advance and consult with your doctor.

Question 2 - Time Zones. A sharp change of time zones can lead to a frustration of the regime. The older the child, the easier he copes with perestroika for a new time. Children up to 2 years old should be prepared in advance, gradually shifting the time of activity and sleep in the right direction. Calculate the time yourself or check with your doctor.

Question 3 - If the child is sick. Important! The availability of advance medical insurance will solve many of your problems on the road and on vacation! Clarify the list of clinics available to assist with the insurance.
Gather a small first aid kit with you, where include individual medical products, hygiene products, antiseptics, antiallergenic, antipyretic and analgesic.

Remember that on long trips the parent is forced to adjust to the regime of the child, and not vice versa. Do not plan too much and do not tire your baby. Most problems will arise when moving from place to place, it is at this critical time is worth paying special attention.

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