Dominican Republic. Beaches on the east coast

Dominican Republic. Beaches on the east coast

Dominican Republic is called a paradise for beach lovers. Tourists from all over the world are attracted by the bright colors of this exotic country. It should be noted that the republic has a law, according to which the first 60 meters of the shoreline are public. Walking on private beaches is also possible, but it all depends on the policy of the hotel, which stands on the beach.

As in any maritime country, there are beaches that are both suitable and not suitable for recreation - abandoned areas, but in general, public beaches are periodically cleaned, have their own entertainment system and amenities for every taste and purse.

By location, the beaches of the Dominican Republic are divided into the northern eastern and southern. Beaches on the east coast are recognized as the best in the country: comfortable water temperature, protection from high waves, opportunities for swimming and practicing water sports are achieved by proximity to the coral reef. About them also there will be a speech.

Beaches of Bavaro. Bavaro is a national park. Bavaro beaches - the longest in the Dominican Republic, but also the most popular among tourists. The length of the beach is more than 30 kilometers. The sea here is calm, and the sun is bright, as in the entire Dominican Republic, but you can hide from it in the shade of the numerous Caribbean palm trees.
If you do not swim well or on holiday with children, do not choose hotels on the outskirts of the beach, since the sea here because of the features of the landscape is less calm. If the hotel is located in the lagoon, then the chance to avoid windy weather and high waves increases.

The beach is strewn with hotels, most of which are expensive buildings, so the rest here is not cheap. But there are budget options.

Diving, fishing, snorkeling and other all kinds of marine tourism await you on the beaches of Bavaro.

La Costa de Amor, Cabeza de Torro. La Costa de Amore is a private beach. Located between Bávaro and Punta Cana. This beach is a paradise not only for the tourist, but also for the photographer. Divided into three parts, the beach was designed in such a way as to create all conditions for holding bright, "sunny" photo sessions. The sand here is clean, sifted, the shoreline is cleaned of algae and fallen leaves. This is one of the favorite places of Tropic photo.

The beach of Juanio, Cap Cana. A less crowded beach, but not devoid of the same advantages as other beaches. This three-kilometer beach, where the depth of the sea - no more than 2 meters, but the reef here comes closer to the shore, because of which access to the sea in some places is difficult.
And the most important thing. The beach area, as well as the entire complex of Cap Cana - a closed area, the entrance to which is possible only by special passes. You are welcome guest here if you have a reserved room in one of the hotels.

The beach of Caleton is also part of the "Cap Cana" complex. It is considered the main recreational area for residents of Rio San Juan. The beach, by right, is called one of the quietest. Waves break on the rocks, not reaching the shore, which provides maximum comfort for bathing.

Founded by the notorious billionaire Donald Trump, the beach stretches in a beautiful azure lagoon. Nearby are golf courses, swimming pools, a luxury restaurant. The couple often come here to hold a wedding ceremony or a romantic photo shoot.

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