Do I need a professional make-up for a photoshoot?

Do I need a professional make-up for a photoshoot?

Always want to save and capture in memory the brightest moments of life. Choosing a professional photographer, you can be sure that the pictures will come out amazing.

It is not so easy to look at a photograph perfectly! It is necessary to think in advance all the details. And, naturally, there will be a question: "Should I go to a professional make-up artist?" Let's figure it out together.

1. Make-up for a photo shoot is significantly different from everyday make-up. It is brighter and more saturated, since with a camera flash, up to 50% of the color is lost.

2. The make-up artist knows how to skillfully emphasize your dignity. Correctly put the shadows, align the complexion, focus on the cheekbones and much more he can do flawlessly.

3. Make-up must match the shooting conditions. If it is shooting in a pool or ocean, then waterproof cosmetics are used. The professional knows many nuances and subtleties. For example, do you know what is the basis for makeup? That is, if the base is darker than the base layer, then in the photo it will appear through the top layer of make-up, and this base will be visible in the photo, and not the main tone. And using makeup fixatives, the make-up artist skillfully turns an ordinary make-up into a make-up "for two days".

4. Do not refer to the fact that you have a beautiful skin, no acne and red spots on the face. All models with an ideal face use the services of professionals. And the process of post-processing of photos goes much faster.

Professional photo session - a rare event in the life of a girl. If you do not have the skills of a make-up artist, it's better to trust a professional, but then enjoy the ideal photos from the shooting.


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