Attractions Los Angeles

Attractions Los Angeles

Los Angeles - a metropolis in the south of California - energetic, sunny, also known as the "city of angels."


Who has not heard of Hollywood and its famous "Walk of Fame"? Perhaps the very first thing that comes to mind at the word "Los Angeles" is the entertainment industry, the "star factory", which brought LA world fame. Therefore, all tourists in the first place try to visit this place. Nevertheless, after visiting the "Walk of Fame", do not be lazy to visit the Universal film studio, one of the first in the country, and also to look into the Kodak Theater, where the annual Oscar awarding ceremony takes place. In addition, in the center of Hollywood Boulevard you will find the entertaining museum of the Guinness World Records and the Wax Museum.

The entrance to each museum will cost about $ 20. However, when you purchase a subscription to visit three museums, you will pay about $ 30.

Beverly Hills

Is the place of a "cluster of stars" in a small section of the "Los Angeles sky". This area is a luxury mansion of Hollywood stars, chic boutiques and expensive hotels. Tourists come here to see first hand how their idols live, and, if lucky, to see the idols of show business.

In the neighborhood there are museums of radio and television. The chance to meet a celebrity on the main streets of Beverly Hills - Rodeo Drive and Sunset Strip noticeably increases.
If the account for a cost of $ 100 per person does not scare you, visit the local restaurants - favorite both at "selebretis" and tourists. In general, this area


By right, the main local attraction is the nature of Malibu, which stretches along a narrow strip along the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, this area attracts lovers of water sports and beach holidays.
Among the attractions here you can see one of the leading American universities - Pepperdine University, within the walls of which is the art museum of Weisson.
Walking enthusiasts are waiting for the Charmlee Wilderness Park and the Mountains Recreation Area.

Among connoisseurs of wines, the David Minkin show "Magic and Wine Tasting" is widely known, which can be translated as "magic and wine tasting". In addition to tasting different types of wines, you will have a tour of the wine cellar. Just do not forget to take a couple of warm sweaters with you!

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