A traveler or a tourist?

A traveler or a tourist?

A modern traveler or a tourist can be divided into two categories: those who prefer to independently plan and carry out their travel and those who rely on the experience of tour operators. By the way, in everyday life travelers are mostly called people relying on issues of wanderings only on themselves, and tourists, respectively - using travel packages.

So it was fixed in the people behind the traveler - a heavy backpack and a heavy step, behind the tourist - a suitcase on wheels and ease in the gait. Is it so?
Practice shows that an increasing number of people are moving from the category of tourists to the category of travelers traveling by their own light. This is due to the fact that in the age of the Internet to find cheap tickets, book rooms in hotels and learn all about the country you need is not difficult for frequent users of the network.

Goals of the trip. Here you need to clearly understand whether you are ready to build your trip step by step by yourself, spending time, strength and nerves or your goal - quickly and easily find yourself in the vantage point of the globe for active or passive rest. If you are closer to the second - the tour operator will provide all available services at its price, which will be above average, because the work of the intermediary is paid.

Risks. A traveler, without overpaying superfluous, can face such problems as inaccurate information received by Internet monitoring, which will differ from the real one, which the tour operator, of course, will not allow.

All the risks associated with the loss of luggage, health insurance and quality of leisure travel agency takes control. Similar unforeseen situations the traveler in the conditions of a foreign country must decide himself.

The language barrier. Language factor - one of the most obvious when identifying yourself as a tourist or an independent traveler. Staying in the country of carriers of another language, the traveler will have to solve a number of issues that require direct interaction with local residents: find out the way, correctly pay for the service and not be deceived. No problem? Hence, there is a great chance to practice your second foreign!

A group of tourists is usually accompanied by a guide, but the peculiarity of this service is that it accompanies the group, so the wishes and needs of the majority are taken into account.

Still, the budget of the trip depends also on the choice of the direction of travel and time: the season is not a season. So the exotic countries of the "all-inclusive" package, so popular today, can be more profitable if you go on a voucher, and a poorly developed direction will require large expenses from the tour operator and as a consequence - the tourist.

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