4 secret of the compatibility of color in clothing. Color circle

4 secret of the compatibility of color in clothing. Color circle

Ordering a photo session on vacation, the girls immediately have the question: "What should I wear?" I want to look perfect, while it is necessary to organically combine the bright colors of the ocean and nature with their outfits. Let's turn to the color circle of color complementarity, with which you can easily select shades of clothes for a photo session.

In the RGB color scheme, on which all digital devices are built, there are three main colors: blue, red and yellow. The remaining colors are obtained by mixing.

Color circle

1. For the most courageous girls, a combination of two bright, opposite colors is suitable. We look at the circle. Take, for example, blue and opposite it is an orange color. If the photo session is supposed to be on the beach by the ocean - it's a blue color, then we select accordingly a light flying orange dress. Such combinations can be blue with yellow or red.

A brunette girl in a bright light orange dress on the ocean with a hat on her head. Near the model is a blonde in a summer yellow dress.

2. Not only the bright opposite colors are combined. Relying on a circle, you can choose one bright dominant color, and the second is opposite to him standing a pale shade of the palette. So combine burgundy with light green.

Mom in a green dress kisses the baby on the cheek. Dad in a bright shirt with a beard holds the baby in his arms. Happy family photo session with a small child in the villa

3. For lovers of calm colors, you can pick up two soft colors next to each other. White or pink or white and blue dress. In this case, it is worth emphasizing the accessories, so that the image turned out to be full and not faded.

A girl in a blue dress hugs her boyfriend in a white shirt and blue pants. Clothing for photo sessions

4. One of the most complex and refined combinations is a monochrome combination. "Mono" is one color. That is, the use of one color, combining only its shades. Here it is worth paying attention to the shape of the elements of clothing and material. It is desirable that they differ from each other.

The bride's maidens are dressed in one-color dresses. Gray dresses are combined with a white wedding dress.

Knowing these little tricks of color compatibility, you will easily pick up your outfit for a photo session. And the photographer will give all your beauty in the photos.

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